Bangladesh deploys border guards after deadly anti-Modi protests

Protests in Bangladesh sparked by a visit by India’s prime minister have turned deadly, with police firing on protesters. As Narendra Modi attended the country’s 50th independence celebrations, clashes spread around the country.

Bangladesh deploys border guards after deadly anti-Modi protests
In this handout photo released by Bangladesh Prime Minister Office and taken on March 26, 2021 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) hands over the Gandhi Peace Prize given posthumously to the late Bangladesh's founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to his daughters Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (C) and Sheikh Rehana, in Dhaka. (Photo by - / Bangladesh Prime Minister's Office / AFP) (Photo by -/Bangladesh Prime Minister's Offi/AFP via Getty Images)

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina welcomed India’s leader with warmth and praise lording Narendra Modi for supporting Bangladesh especially through the global pandemic the government of India has always been beside us during our good and bad times.

This time India has handed over 109 ambulances to the people of Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina said I extend my heartiest thanks to prime minister Narendra Modi his government and the people of India.

but violence fled among opponents of Modi’s visit some clashes turned deadly as police fired on protesters still Narendra Modi was keen to honor his country’s role in Bangladesh’s emergence as a new nation 50 years ago following a brutal fight for independence from Pakistan

today in Bangladesh the blood of those who fought for their liberation and the blood of Indian soldiers are flowing together this blood will form such a relationship that will not break down under any type of pressure

and will not fall prey to any kind of diplomacy Modi is a hated figure for some groups in Bangladesh they point to what they see as his anti-muslim policies in India and the influence he holds over Bangladeshi politics the current ruling party is still able to hang on to power because of the aggressive policy and support were given by India this is clear to the people now and to protect their own interests they’ve nakedly attacked the interests of the citizens those who are currently in power are involved with Modi to cling onto their the seat which is why the ruling party now needs Modi’s support to stay in power the economy has stabilized and boomed in recent years under prime minister Hasina but activists say as those fortunes have grown human rights have deteriorated this is very unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh today we are supposed to celebrate golden jubilee of our liberation but on this very day, people are getting killed arrested and attacked just for exercising their freedom of expression and just for protesting the arrival of Mr. Narendra Modi the prime minister of India Bangladesh’s leaders have criticized administrators for overshadowing an important independence milestone involving an ally they see an increasingly important

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