Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor 2021 | Top 5 Best Budget 240Hz Monitors for Gaming (PC, Xbox X/S, PS5 )

Are you looking to upgrade your Gaming Monitor to gain every advantage possible from your enemy?


Well, the latest 240Hz gaming monitors definitely give an edge to you when you’re playing online with your friends. The insanely high refresh rate may not be as advantageous for the casual PC gamer, but for rising esports gamers, the fastest refresh rate could mean the difference between winning and losing. Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor 2021.
So, in this blog, we’ve rated and reviewed the top 5 best 240Hz monitors in order to help competitive
gamers find the absolute best gaming monitor for their needs. let’s check them out


#5:Viewsonic Elite XG270: Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor 2021

If you’re looking for a 240Hz monitor that’s fast and beautiful you should check out the Viewsonic Elite XG270. Although it’s a lesser-known brand, this monitor packs everything that’s needed for a gamer in 2021. It’s one of the best first high-refresh-rate displays to utilize a Fast IPS panel, Which’s grants rich colors and Four Hundred nits of peak brightness that in turn make this screen HDR10-capable.

You also get the wide-viewing angles you might expect of an IPS panel, plus a one-millisecond response time that you might have not expected. It also comes with FreeSync two to take care of any screen tearing. You can add in Viewsonic’s Elite display controller, a mouse bungee, and a headphone hook, and this is the best monitor to put in the center of your Esports battle station.

For various models and their prices check out the link below.

#4:ASUS VG279QM:

The latest ASUS VG279QM is an impressively well-built 27″ model, with outstanding ergonomics that allow you to place the screen however you like. It sports an IPS with wide viewing angles, which is great for sharing content or playing co-op games.

It has decent reflection handling and gets bright enough to fight glare, but it isn’t ideal for dark rooms due to its low contrast ratio. And it has a native 240Hz refresh rate, but you can overclock it up to 280Hz for even smoother motion and better responsiveness. it has outstanding response times and unlike most monitors, its Black Frame Insertion feature can be used simultaneously with VRR to improve motion clarity.

It supports FreeSync natively and is certified as G-SYNC compatible to reduce screen tearing. Its input lag is much higher at 60Hz than at max refresh rate, so it’s not the best option for 60fps console gaming. Also even though it supports HDR, it can’t display a wide color gamut.

For the price, details check the link given below.

#3:Samsung Odyssey G7:

If you’re looking for a bigger monitor with great picture quality, the latest Samsung Odyssey G7 is one of the best you can buy in 2021. The Samsung Odyssey G7 will wrap you up in the action.
Literally. Okay, we actually mean figuratively, but with a 27-inch display boasting a 1000R curvature, it will be wrapping the picture around your field of vision. And it’s not just any picture.

This display offers up a QLED panel with a 600-nit peak brightness and 10-bit color depth.
That means you’ll be getting stunning visuals that only look better thanks to the 240Hz refresh rate and FreeSync Premium Pro.

Is it a sharper picture too much to ask for?
Nope, as you’ll get a 1440p image with this display as well.

what more could you want?

For more details find the link below.

#2:BenQ ZOWIE XL2740:

BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 offers one of the best options for gamers who are looking to purchase either a G-Sync or Adaptive-Sync, compatible 240Hz monitor. The XL2740 is a 27″ display with a 240Hz refresh rate, that offers both G-Sync and Adaptive-Sync compatibility. It does come with a TN panel and, as such, is able to deliver a 1ms response time. However, that is standard among 240Hz displays.

What sets the XL2740 apart from some of the other options on this list is its larger screen size?
The XK2740 also comes with removable “shields” that sit on the outside of the monitor to help minimize distractions while you pay. And, BenQ also makes a 25″ version of this display, the XL254, for just under ~$400.Ultimately, if you’re looking for a 240Hz monitor that will give you the option to use both an NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card, the XL2740 is an option worth considering.

check out the link below for more details.

#1:Alienware 25:

The Alienware 25 with 240Hz display, is the fastest gaming monitor that we have tested so far in 2021. This display touts some serious performance capabilities, and it even manages to come at a highly competitive price, as we’ve seen it on sale for under $400 commonly and sometimes even below $300.

With the Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor, you’ll get an easy-to-drive 1080p picture that’ll make it that much more likely that your system can match that full 240Hz refresh rate of the monitor.
When your frame rate isn’t quite locked at the monitor’s frame rate, you’ll find FreeSync and G-Sync support there to keep your visuals untarnished by screen tearing.

On top of it all, Dell has used an IPS panel with 400-nit peak brightness, ensuring you get easy visibility in whatever room you’ve set up your gaming battle station. The IPS panel’s wide viewing angles will also make it easier to see even if you’re not always looking at the monitor perfectly straight on, though Alienware stands offer so much flexibility, that shouldn’t be an issue.

For the model, details find out the link given below.

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