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Best Gaming PC Under $1000 in 2021

5 Computers For Gaming

Best Gaming PC Under $1000 in 2021

Today Blog we’re going to check out the best gaming pcs under a thousand dollars in 2021.

I made this list based on my personal opinion. I’m trying to list them based on their price, quality, durability, and more.

If you want to know their price and find out more information about them you can check out the links below if you’d like to win one of these products make sure you read the whole Blog.

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Trace 4 the buy power line of gaming desktop pcs has long been a favorite stop of the line boutique builder and for a good reason in addition to offering gaming systems with strong performance and low starting prices its machines are suave and stable with the trace 4 9310 you’re getting a fairly sleek and flashy design complete with a pair of RGB lit strips on the front transparent side panel and RGB fans within the case the eye by powertrace49310 has a diverse number of connectivity ports with some of the front and a few others around the back so you have several ways of connecting your accessories and devices in total, you have four USB 3.0 ports two

USB 2.0 ports an ethernet port and a 7.1 audio channel output for multi-monitor setup you have an hdmi and display port wireless connectivity comes via 802.11 ac wi-fi the ibuypower trace49310 and this review is billed as a gaming desktop but looking at its feature set it’s obvious that this machine can easily double for both gaming and productivity our review unit comes with a 3.6 gigahertz amd ryzen 5 3600 processor 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 240 gigabytes of ssd storage alongside a capable amd radeon rx 5500 xt graphics card this is enough power for web browsing photo editing medium productivity tasks and some moderate video encoding simply put it’s an enthusiast gamers paradise capable of running most processor hungry tasks modern aaa

games seamlessly

ensuring that your gaming experience is

completely immersive

that applies to similarly medium

demanding applications

like video editing programs number four

aces rogue strix ga15dh

as with any other pre-built desktop the

ga15 is ready made for use right out of

the box

most strikingly it comes with a handle

at the top which supposedly can support

up to 30 kilograms of weight

while we’re not sure just how exactly

the 30 kilogram benchmark measures up

we can confirm that having the handle

certainly makes it much easier to port

this desktop around

it’s great for users who constantly move

about or who are just looking to join

their next lan party with greater ease

that said the ga15 is still quite a

hefty machine despite being the slimmer

model in the line

weighing in at roughly 10 kilograms

importantly the asus ga15 much like most

pre-builds from the big players comes in

a vast array of builds

using gpus as a broad brush barometer of

build power

this can stretch from machines with

nvidia 1650 cards

all the way up to a 2070 super or an amd


xt there are fewer processors to choose

from but that’s no problem when they all

harbor amd rise and excellence

at 1080p this pc can provide blistering


getting close to 60fps in metro exodus

on its rtx benchmark

is an achievement for sure this also

bodes well for gaming at 1440p if

settings are toned down a bit too

if you’re willing to pay for a quality

gaming pc right now that could be your

go-to work pc

as well on the other hand then i can’t

think of many better investments

performance wise

the best of both worlds is to get the

asus ga15 now

enjoy it and then upgrade your build

with a new gpu down the line

number three rogue strix gl10 dh

for a pc gamer the most important

component in the system is the graphics


this is the supermodel part that’ll make

or break the setup

and is responsible for making all your

games look awesome

the more powerful the graphics card the

higher smoother frame rates you’ll get

the higher resolution you can run out

and the better your games will look

for graphics this asus computer has an

nvidia geforce gtx 1660 ti

we rate this nvidia gpu is powerful

enough to run 963 games at a recommended


the level of ram in a gaming desktop is

also important

more system memory allows your pc to

turn through large amounts of data


and for today’s massive open game worlds

it’s vital to have that information

accessed quickly to speed up game loads

having too little ram can mean laggy

frames and the poor experience

this rig comes with 16 gigabytes of

system ram

better than most dedicated gaming pc

setups according to the steam hardware


and it’ll be perfect if you’re aiming to

do more with your desktop such as


being a powerhouse the system ensures

silent operation smooth running of

gaming applications and multitasking


they also like the convenience of future

customization offered by the pc

but yes price is definitely a factor to

think about

number two i buy power mr9320

the ibuypower element mr9320 is that pc

that easily handles modern games and

productivity tasks with ease

better than a typical gaming console

without costing too much

now sure there are more expensive custom

built pcs out there

but the fact remains that the element

mr9320 uses a custom built pc case that

you would legitimately find somewhere

else but

it looks great the case does get the job

done with three led rings in the front

panel and the tempered glass side panel

through which you can see the neat


and makes for tool-less access in case

you need to access the interior


the ibuypower element mr9320 we’re

reviewing packs a 10th gen

intel core i7 10700f processor

nvidia gtx 1660 ti 6 gigabytes graphics


16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory 240

gigabytes of ssd

and a one terabyte hard drive for

storing all your games and pretty much

everything else

these are respectable specs these days

to be sure and are more than capable of

playing modern pc games at 1080p without

issue and when not gaming you can run

productivity tasks like photo editing

and media creation

hassle-free that said this configuration

is a perfectly good choice for gamers

who want to upgrade from a tired rig

all those who want to join the pc market

but aren’t quite comfortable enough to

build their own gaming machines

from scratch number one skytech shiva

the shiva is one of the best options in

the sub 1000

market for gaming pcs from skytech this

pc has a wonderful case that looks very


has a compilation of excellent parts

it’s future-proofed

and will deliver plenty of gameplay for

aaa games with ultra high settings

it has a great thermal solution and with

its cpu and gpu it’s one of the most

capable pcs on the market

and it delivers excellent value for its


the skytech shiva is a beast in the

performance and productivity department

as it’s fitted with a ryzen 5 2600

six-core processor with four gigahertz

of boost clock speed

500 gigabytes of ssd which is top of the


an a320 motherboard 16 gigabytes of

gaming memory with heat spreader ddr4

3000 ram and windows 10 64-bit


this makes this pc capable of working

with anything you can think of

one of the most capable in the planet

however the shiva shines in the graphics


as it’s equipped with a top of the line

nvidia geforce rtx 2060 gpu

with six gigabytes of vram which is

capable of real-time ray tracing

and amazing graphics it doesn’t get any

better than this gpu

as it’ll provide you plenty of frame

rate in higher settings smoothly

buying guide firstly processor when you

buy a gaming desktop whether it’s one

you built yourself a custom gaming rig

or a pre-made model from dell or hp

the processor will be the first

specification you see and for good


the processor determines how a system

will perform in most software

the processor core count is a major

consideration options range between 2

and 16 cores in the mainstream space

unless you’re on an extreme budget a

four-core chip should be as low as you


lest you run into performance issues

with some software and games

secondly ram a good baseline for modern

gaming systems is 16 gigabytes

especially with how far

prices have dropped in recent months but

you can get away with eight gigabytes if

you’re playing

older games or don’t mind sacrificing

detail or frame rate to make additional


after all memory is one of the easiest

things to upgrade later

and one of the most affordable too and


gpu if you’re somewhat serious about

gaming the graphics card is where you

should pay the most attention

it’s the component with the biggest hand

in beautifying your games

spitting out high frame rates and making

higher resolutions playable

model numbers tell you much of the story

here with higher numbered cards

typically meaning more performance

though there are some caveats there and

overclocked models from third-party gpu

partners can close performance gaps

between versions

thanks for watching i hope you liked the

video if you found it helpful

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videos like this

in the future if you have any questions

related to these products

you can leave a comment below and i’ll

get back to you as soon as i can

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