indeed prime
indeed prime

The Global Jobs Search Engine has decided to give small-scale businesses (Indeed Prime) access to its pre-controlled pool of technical talent, but with limited features to make membership worthwhile.

indeed prime
indeed prime

Membership-based service Indeed Prime actually launched in 2016.

It gives employers and employers access to a pool of pre-supported technical candidates.

including software engineers, product managers, and data scientists.

These candidates have been evaluated on the basis of their skills, education and work experience.

Indeed Prime candidates have so far received more than 85,000 offers.

“Indeed Prime basic plan is Free, limited edition of Prime individuals from small companies.

Who plays one to 10 technical roles per year,” actually stated in a blog. The plan includes unlimited access to candidates,

But without the “robust feature available with paid, membership-based plans”.

Indeed Prime’s customers have access to the updated candidate profile 14 days,

before they see the users of a basic plan.

They also get access to a personal dashboard, recruitment of analytics, response rates and reasons for rejection.

All in all, the paid service is attractive enough for employers to consider upgrading a membership plan,

A smart bait and switch strategy.

Indeed Prime (owned by Japanese Recruit Holdings) is launching services aimed at encouraging long-term relationships with employers and employers. In January, the site launched Hiring Insights service for employers to assess the job market and candidate data.

Has anyone tried Indeed Prime?

At first, it seemed like a really good opportunity because Indeed Prime offered a referral bonus for Senior Software Engineers that brought into the platform.

Since I had worked with a lot of software engineers before that I have not been able to place them into jobs, it seemed like an obvious fit.

The candidates get more exposure and I get a higher probability of placing them (for much less of a bonus).

So I reached out to my list of senior software engineers (around 50 total),

that were in the eligible cities, and sent them the program info.

The next day I received an email from Indeed Prime, saying that my referral activity violated their terms and they would not be honoring the rewards.

I reply saying that I am a freelance recruiter and that is the reason for the volume

(50 is apparently outrageous volume).

They don’t budge and say their program isn’t for recruiters and is only for referring friends, which is not in their terms but hell what can you do.

Indeed Prime says

he was putting me on a shortlist for when they did figure out how to work with recruiters, but they weren’t going to pay the rewards.

The day after I see in my dashboard that 2 of my referrals have already been contacted by employers.

Senior Software Engineers are highly sought after so this made sense.

What didn’t make as much sense was my referrals were not acceptable to payout rewards,

but they had no problem putting them into their program.

This review probably won’t be too relevant to candidates being put on the platform,

but companies and referrers should be wary because this is some bad practices that could bleed into other aspects of the program.

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