School Management v3.4 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

School Management v3.4 - Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

Education Learning Management system,School Management A WordPress plugin to manage many schools and their institutions such as classrooms, classes, students, examinations, ID cards, admit cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, income, expenses, noticeboards, study materials and more is. Payment Gateway: PayPal, Striped, Respire, PayPal, PayTech
SMS Service Providers: Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91, TextLocal, EBBkkMS

Features in School Management Details:

Multi-school management: – Add multiple schools, provide admission and classes to each school to manage the individual schools.

Session Management: – Create a new session and keep all records of previous sessions.

Manage Classes and Sections: – Administrators can create classes and assign them to schools. With each class, there can be multiple class segments.

Student Management: – With the admission of the school and necessary permissions, the staff can enter the school new by stating the staff entry number, class, section and roll number. Also, for each student record in a session, a new enrollment number is automatically generated.

Inquiry Management: – Display the inquiry form for a school on a page using shortcode. In addition, receive inquiries school-wise, add the next follow-up updates and notes for inquiries.

School Management v3.4 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

Student Promotion: – To promote students in a new class for the new semester. This creates a new enrollment of a student for the next semester.

Also, Student Transfer: – Transfer of students from one school to another. It also keeps track of students transferred to and from school.

Student Attendance: – Attend students daily. Print a class attendance sheet. In addition, students can view their attendance reports on the dashboard.

Also, Student Dashboard: – Students check their fee report, admission details, ID card etc. and pay the remaining fees using a suitable payment method.

Roles and Permissions: – Create custom roles such as teacher, accountant and grant them the necessary permissions as per the role, so that they will be limited to the management of the school institutions assigned to them.

School Management v3.4 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

Assign School Edmins and Staff: – Multi-school admissions provide an administrator for a school. The school administrator may employ any number of employees to manage the school.

Noticeboard Widget: – It contains a noticeboard widget which displays the notice to the widget section of your website. Here, you can change the height and width of notices, widgets to include the design of your website.

Distribute study material: – School staff with necessary permission can add study material to classrooms. These study materials will appear on the student dashboard section, which will allow them to download and view the study material.

Student Home Works: – School staff and teachers can add home works of classrooms with necessary permission. These Home Works will appear on the student dashboard section and students will get notification on SMS, Home Works SMS details can be sent on Paramvir Chakra and students mobile

School Management v3.4 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

Also, Automatic notifications via email, SMS and custom templates: – Send SMS and email notifications to students at the time of new admissions, fee invoice creation, generation of payment receipts, etc. SMS providers include Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91 SMS. TextLoc and more.

Exam Management: – Create an exam, add exam papers, exam center, time, date and room number for a single class or multiple classes.

Also, Publish the exam timetable: – The option to publish the exam timetable which will appear on the student dashboard or you can use the shortcode to display the exam timetable on a particular page of your website.

Generate Admit Card: – For each exam, generate admit card for the students. In addition, publish the admit card, which students can download from the student dashboard section.

Also, Accounting Management: – This includes fee invoice generation, fee payment collection, income management and expense management.

Generate Fee Challan: – Select the students from the classes and create a fee challan in bulk for the same student. It also supports partial payment collection or one time payment collection.

Also, Fee Collection Form: – Display fees collection on one page using a shortcode, which allows students to search their names and view pending fee invoices. Students can pay their fees using the payment method.

School Management v3.4 – Education & Learning Management system for WordPress

Payment via Stripe, Rezporai, PesaPal: – Fees can be paid using Stripe or Rezorpae, PesaPaal payment gateway.

Also, Print Fee Challan and Payment Receipt: – After adding Fee Challan, it supports printing of Fee Challan. In addition, after making the payment, the student or employee can take a print of the payment receipt.

Manage expenses and income: – Also, Add expense categories and income categories. Add the expense and income dates for a school.

Also, Student Dashboard: – Also, In the student dashboard, students can view the noticeboard, print their ID cards, view pending fee invoices, pay and view their payment history. Apart from this, they can download study material, exam timetable, admit card and more.

Student login widget and shortcode: – Also, the Student login form can be displayed on the page through shortcode and you can also keep a login widget on your website.


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